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Re: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (1950's series)

Be warned. No treasure. Its worth 10 bucks or maybe 15.
Not because of fun (0%) or good ideas (rare).
Missing nearly everything you like about Oland/Toler movies.
Only if you want to see everything with Charlie Chan.

Re: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (1950's series)

Dear Tenman,

Please take a look at our section here on "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan." It will give a pretty good idea of what that 1957 TV crime drama, consisting of 39 half-hour adventures, was like. If you would like to purchase the set of DVDs, you can find a few sellers on the Internet. You might try eBay first. Also, on YouTube, you can find a number of these adventures available for viewing! For example, here is a fun one that is set in Venice, Italy: ("The Man With a Hundred Faces").

Personally, I find the series to be of interest. Most were shot on location, first in the Los Angeles area, and, after the first five episodes, the series takes place in a number of European cities and locales. This is of interest as Monogram Pictures had planned to continue the Charlie Chan film series, following "The Sky Dragon" (1949) with some adventures to be filmed in European capitals, including Rome and London. Unfortunately, with money having been placed in the Bank of England for these projects, and the unexpected devaluing of the British pound, the filming was scrapped. So, in a way, we did, about seven years later, get some Charlie Chan (in retirement) adventures in Europe!

One final thought: Interestingly, there is a sort of "pedigree" to these Chan adventures, as J. Carroll Naish appeared with Warner Oland in "Charlie Chan at the Circus" 20 years before he, himself, portrayed Chan in "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan."

No, they ain't Oland, Toler, or Winters, but I feel that you might even come to enjoy these "final adventures" featuring the now-retired from active police duty "atomic age" Charlie Chan...!