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TCM Lobbying

An SOS to Rush:

With a little extra time on "holiday Monday," Mike decided to follow the link to request Chan films on TCM. But the link just seems to go to the TCM website...and after 20 minutes of hunting for the "request a movie" link (that seems not to exist), our hero retreated--not exactly defeated, but unsuccessful for the moment.

He would like to return, armed with more information. Rush, can you let us know how to lobby for our favorite Chan films?


Re: TCM Lobbying

Dear Mike,

Indeed, you are correct! It seems that TCM has, in making changes at their Website, they eliminated the "request" section. However, I have found a "back door" in the form of a TCM "Help Center" option where I believe that we can still express, among other things, a film or films we would like to see! here is the address (and I have changed our TCM link accordingly!):

I just used this link myself, and, indeed, this is the correct means to make a film request. After making your request and filling in the other required information, use their droop-down and click on "Film Request." You can even include an attachment!

Take care, and thank you for alerting me about this!