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Re: Who were "The 35"?

M&R, regarding the musical part of your inquiry....

“I want that you must come to the cosmopolitan club in one
half hour. Inspector Duff will of course accompany you. You
must then display unaccustomed patience and wait like man of
stone. Exactly how long I can not predict now. But in due time
I will point out the killer of Sir Frederic—and I will produce
proof of what I say.”
(Charlie Chan, Behind That Curtain, 1928)

Actually I can produce "how long" you must wait (till August 1st.) Although I won't produce a killer I will answer your question on the composers. Watch for my August 1st, 2020 blog at as we celebrate Earl Derr Biggers' 136th birthday!

Thank you so much,

Re: Who were "The 35"?

Dear MnR,

Your questions are really interesting, and hopefully, someone might add their knowledge to what we say here!

Regarding the music that is used in the Monogram films, I believe that the only one that used unique, original music was "Charlie Chan in the Secret Service. The Musical Director was Karl Hajos. Everyone will agree, I am sure, that the music heard was truly unusual in its "booming" nature!

When I spoke some years ago with Noel Neill (or it may have been Elena Verdugo!), who was in "The Sky Dragon," she told me that the actors who appeared in several films made at about the same time would just come in to work the scene or scenes that they were to appear in, and that was that. They didn't hang around while other scenes were shot. That is how we can see them in all the other movies from the same time period.

Take care, and thank you...!


Re: Who were "The 35"?

Rush, you spoke with Noel Neill? Man, haven't you learned, "You don't step on Superman's cape!" :movie_camera:

Re: Who were "The 35"?

Lou: :smile:

...or his "skirt"?