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Re: Charlie Chan movies on laserdisc

Mike, Wow! When you say Laser disc (LD) you do mean the larger 11.8 inch discs the size of a vinyl 33rpm record--thought to eventually replace the VHS and BETAMAX tapes?

I know today's DVDs were introduced in the mid '90s, while the first (of 5) 20th Century Fox box sets of Charlie Chan DVDs came out in 2006. So it's highly unlikely any were made in LD format.

Not sure though, and maybe someone else knows of other releases on LD.

Good Luck, Lou
P.S. I was a LD fan too, and had a ton of those movies and the 8 inch music LDs. They actually started to yellow and go bad, though.

Re: Charlie Chan movies on laserdisc

Yes I mean the big lp sized discs. I have 4 of the Key Video releases on laser disc along with another set with 6 movies (I think) in it. I even still have a working laser disc player and use it sometimes just for fun.

Re: Charlie Chan movies on laserdisc

Too good. Light the lava lamps, position the lazy boy on the orange shag rug, and throw on a Chan laser disk :)! Those just might be worth some $$$'s.

Re: Charlie Chan movies on laserdisc

Dear Mike,


If you go to eBay and type a search for "CHARLIE CHAN LASER DISC," you will currently see that laser discs containing "Charlie Chan at the Opera" plus Charlie Chan in Paris," and "Charlie Chan at the wax Museum" plus "Charlie Chan in Rio" from Key Video are available. As you note, the other three films that are found in the VHS set are seemingly not to be found. However, I also found that six Monogram Chan movies are also available, through MGM, on laser disc: "Charlie Chan in the Secret Service," "The Chinese Cat," "The Jade Mask," "Meeting at Midnight" ("Black Magic"), "The Scarlet Clue," and "The Shanghai Cobra" (

Do you still view your laser disc Charlie Chan films? if so, it's been a long time since I have heard of anyone doing so!

Thank you for your is an interesting question!

Rush Glick