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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Nut easy to crack often empty.”

GREETINGS… This week we follow Charlie Chan who, with Number Two Son, Jimmy, follow a dangerous path fraught with international espionage and MURDER!

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Murder Over New York” (1940; 65 minutes) along with our “extra,” the TWELFTH episode of “Lost City of the Jungle” with Keye Luke! (1946; 15 minutes [Begin viewing at the 46:48 mark, finishing at the 1:02:10 mark!]).

FEATURE SUMMARY: In the middle of a pictorial lecture on his recent expedition to the Mongolian Desert, Dr. John Benton the famous explorer, drinks from the water bottle on his lecture table, collapses and dies. His last words "Eternal Fire" are the only clue Chinese detective Jimmy Wong and Captain Street of the police department have to work on. Win Lee, Benton's secretary, reveals the doctor's dying words refer to a scroll which tells the location of rich oil deposits. Wong and Street then begin the search for the killer among Benton's associates.

FEATURE NOTES: The working title of this film was “Charlie Chan in New York.” According to Fox publicity material contained in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Library files, the studio changed the title in order to prevent the public from confusing this film with other Chan features.

TRIVIA: “Phantom of Chinatown” features Keye Luke’s only starring role of his long and illustrious career.

WORD OF THE WEEK: Canarsie - A section of Brooklyn, New York.

Lefty: "Well, this is 'Shorty' McCoy, the 'Canarsie Kid.'"

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IF YOU LACK A COPY OF OUR FILM: Often our features can be found online. Fortunately, OUR FEATURE IS AVAILABLE ONLINE, so please use the link provided at our Chat Room.

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CAST (as credited):

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Marjorie Weaver: Patricia Shaw (also known as Patricia West, Mrs. Paul Narvo)
Robert Lowrey: David Elliott
Ricardo Cortez: George Kirby
Donald MacBride: Inspector Vance
Melville Cooper: Herbert Fenton
Joan Valerie: June Preston
Kane Richmond: Ralph Percy

Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
John Sutton: Keith Jeffrey
Leyland Hodgson: [Robert] Boggs
Clarence Muse: Butler Frederick Worlock: Hugh Drake
Lal Chand Mehra: Ramullah (also known as Aga Singh)

UNCREDITED CAST (alphabetical):
Trevor Bardette: Hindu Businessman
Stanley Blystone: Fingerprint Expert
Nick Borgani: Hindu Businessman Eddy Chandler Police Officer [Lefty]
Frank Coghlan, Jr.: Frankie O'Shaunessy
Catherine Craig: Stewardess Alan Davis: Pilot [Lt. Cooper] Dorothy Dearing: Mrs. Percy
Jimmie Dundee: Police Officer [Bill]
Ralph Dunn: Second Police Officer
Frank Fanning: Police Officer
Carl Faulkner: Police Officer
Bud Geary: Second Mechanic
Shemp Howard: "Shorty" McCoy (also known as
"The Canarsie Kid," "The Great Rashid")
Paul Kruger: Guard
Jack "Tiny" Lipson: Hindu in Police Lineup
Eric Mayne: Suspicious-looking Man
Paul Palmer: Police Officer
Lee Phelps: First Police Officer
Nick Shaid: Hindu Businessman
Bhogwan Singh: Hindu Businessman
Brick Sullivan: Police Officer
Charles Tannen: Voice of Radio Announcer
George Walcott: First Mechanic
Shirley Warde: Mrs. Felton

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