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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Investigation best way to find answer.”

GREETINGS… Welcome aboard the ‘Suva Star’ as we see if, indeed, “Dead Men Tell.”

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Dead Men Tell” (1941; 61 minutes) along with our “extra,” the FINAL episode of “Lost City of the Jungle” with Keye Luke! (1946; 16 minutes [Begin viewing at the 1:02:16 mark, finishing at the 1:17:47 mark!]).

FEATURE SUMMARY: The lure of millions of dollars in lost pirate treasure brings together an unusual and diverse group of fortune hunters aboard an old sailing ship, including Jimmy Chan, who sneaks aboard. Patience Nodbury, who holds the treasure map, torn in four pieces, dies suddenly, the apparent victim of the ghost of a long-dead pirate. Charlie Chan, on board the docked ship to locate his wayward son now finds himself in the midst of a case of what he believes to be murder.

FEATURE NOTES: According to ‘Hollywood Reporter’ news items, Jean Rogers was to have appeared in this film as Laura Thursday, but was replaced after shooting began by Katherine Aldridge when she became ill with the flu. ‘Hollywood Reporter’ production charts include Faye Helm in the cast, but her participation in the completed film has not been confirmed.

TRIVIA: Cocos Island is an actual place! This small island is owned by Costa Rica, and lies in the Pacific Ocean about 300 miles south of the Central American country. Over the centuries, Cocos Island has seen its share of pirates and buried treasure.

WORD OF THIS WEEK: belaying pin - A short, removable wooden or metal pin fitted in a hole in the rail of a boat and used for securing running gear.

Gene La Farge: "...I saw him trying to hit this young man with a belaying pin."

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CAST (as credited):

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Shiela Ryan: Kate Ransome
Robert Weldon: Steve Daniels
Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
Don Douglas: Jed Thomasson
Katharine Aldridge: Laura Thursday
Paul McGrath: Charles Thursday (also known as Mr. Parks)
George Reeves: Bill Lydig
Truman Bradley: Captain Kane
Ethel Griffies: Miss [Patience] Nodbury
Lenita Lane: Dr. Anne Bonney
Milton Parsons: Gene Lafarge

UNCREDITED CAST (alphabetical):

Stanley Andrews: Inspector Vesey
Jimmy Aubrey: English Sailor
Ralph Dunn: Homicide Desk Sergeant
Pat Flaherty: Policeman
Lee Tung Foo: Wu Mei
O.G. "Dutch" Hendrian: Saloon Dancer
Paul Kruger: Sailor in Saloon
Lee Phelps: Detective
Tim Ryan: Red Eye [Bartender]
Brick Sullivan: Police Sergeant
Charles Tannen: Sailor with Girl
John Wallace: Peg Leg

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