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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Good policy to have murderer consider detective dope.”

GREETINGS… as we follow Charlie Chan and Number Two Son, Jimmy down to Rio as they unsurprisingly find themselves in the midst of a case of murder, the trail of which springs from the past!

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Charlie Chan in Rio” (1941; 62 minutes) along with our “extra,” the FIRST episode of “Secret Agent X-9” with Keye Luke! (1945; 20 minutes).
FEATURE SUMMARY: Charlie Chan and son Jimmy visit the exotic city of Rio de Janeiro in order to arrest nightclub singer Lola Dean for a murder committed a year earlier in Honolulu. Later, they find the singer has been stabbed to death in her home. Her jewels have been stolen and a number of clues have been seemingly planted at the crime scene. The suspects are numerous, and Chan must sift through the evidence to unmask the killer.

FEATURE NOTES: Although Ted North's character is called "Carlos Dantas" in the film's onscreen credits and in reviews, in the picture he is called "Clark Denton." According to ‘Hollywood Review’ news items, Virgil Miller was originally assigned as the photographer on this film, but was replaced by Joseph P. MacDonald, who was promoted after serving as an operative cameraman with Twentieth Century-Fox for eight years. An April 30, 1941 ‘Hollywood Reporter’ news item noted that Jeanne Kelly had been loaned by Universal to appear in the next Charlie Chan film, and, while it was presumably this picture, her participation has not been confirmed.

TRIVIA: “Charlie Chan in Rio” bears a "striking" resemblance to “The Black Camel,” directed ten years earlier by Hamilton MacFadden, who appears in the cast of “Rio.” It is perhaps of interest to note that MacFadden also appeared briefly in “The Black Camel,” and he also had a minor role in “Charlie Chan in Reno” (1939).

WORD OF THE WEEK: hep - (Slang) Keenly aware of or knowledgeable about the latest trends or developments.

Jimmy Chan: "She got hep that we were closing in on her."

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CAST (as credited):

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Mary Beth Hughes: Joan Reynolds (also called Joannie)
Cobina Wright, Jr.: Grace Ellis
Ted North: Clark B. Denton (billed as Carlos Dantas)
Victor Jory: Alfredo Marana (alias of Alfredo Cardosa)
Harold Huber: Delegado (Captain) of Police Souto (billed as Chief Souto; also called Senhor Souto)
Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
Richard Derr: Ken Reynolds
Jacqueline Dalya: Lola Dean (alias of Lola Wagner)
Kay Linaker: Helen Ashby (alias of Barbara Cardosa)
Truman Bradley: Paul Wagner
Hamilton MacFadden: Bill Kellogg
Leslie Denison: Rice
Iris Wong: Lili [Wong]
Eugene Borden: Armando
Ann Codee: Margo

UNCREDITED CAST (alphabetical):

Abdullah Abbas: Police Officer
James Carlisle: Night Club Patron
Jack Deey: Night Club Patron
Harold Miller: Night Club Patron
Barry Norton: Night Club Patron
Victor Romito: Police Officer

QUESTION: Whom do you feel most like in your life?

Charlie Chan 43%

Birmingham Brown 57%

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The Postman on Holiday
A place to explore all things surrounding Detective Charlie Chan, his creator Earl Derr Biggers, and their connection with Hawaii, Cleveland, and mystery fiction." Updated each month, it can be found at this address:

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