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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Fear of future is wrong for young people in love.”

GREETINGS! We continue this week as Charlie Chan, taking a brief break from his Secret Service work, takes on a case of murder in the city of San Francisco.

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “The Chinese Cat” (1944; 65 minutes) along with our “extra,” the FORTH episode of “Secret Agent X-9” with Keye Luke! (1945; 20 minutes).

FEATURE SUMMARY: Leah Manning enlists Charlie Chan's help in solving the murder of her stepfather, Thomas, who was found slain in his study. With no concrete leads, the police have given up and only Chan's deducing can refute a scandalous book that blames Mrs. Manning, Leah's mother, for the crime. Number Three Son, Tommy and Birmingham Brown assist the detective as the trail to the identity of Manning's killer leads to a ruthless diamond smuggling gang.

FEATURE NOTES: This was Monogram's second entry in the Charlie Chan series. The onscreen title is listed as “Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat.” The working title of the film was “Murder in the Funhouse.” The film's title, The Chinese Cat, is doubtless a "nod" to the 1941 Humphrey Bogart movie, “The Maltese Falcon.”

TRIVIA: Following the death of Warner Oland, Cy Kendall (Walter Deacon in this week’s film) was one of a number of actors considered for the role of Charlie Chan.

TERM OF THE WEEK: flatfoot - (Slang) A police officer.

Karl Karzos: "Chan's no flatfoot."

IF YOU LACK A COPY OF OUR FILM: Often our features can be found online. Fortunately, OUR FEATURE IS AVAILABLE ONLINE, so please use the link provided at our Chat Room.

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CAST (as credited):

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Joan Woodbury: Leah Manning
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Benson Fong: Tommy Chan
Ian Keith: Dr. Paul Reknik
Sam Flint: Thomas P. Manning
Cy Kendall: Webster Deacon [referred to as George Deacon in a newspaper headline]
Weldon Heyburn: Harvey Dennis
Anthony Ward: Catlen
John Davidson: Karl Karzos/Kurt Karzos
Dewey Robinson: Salos
Stan Jolley: Gannett
Betty Blythe: Mrs. [Thomas] Manning
Jack Norton: Hotel Desk Manager
Luke Chan: Wu Song

UNCREDITED CAST (alphabetical):

Fred Aldrich: Police Officer
Daisy Bufford: Carolina
George Chandler: Taxicab Dispatcher
Danny Desmond: Bellboy
Terry Frost: Police Officer Writing Ticket

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Birmingham Brown 57%

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