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Re: The Chinese Cat

I agree, Robert! “The Chinese Cat” is also one of my favorites of the Monogram Charlie Chan series. Amazing to me is, with this being just the second Chan film from that studio, they had already hit in full stride their take on the character. We also see Mantan Moreland In top form as Birmingham Brown, and Number Three Son Tommy (Benson Fong) is utilized to the fullest!

As you noted, this film has a lot of noir elements going for it. In that regard, I suggest a look at “The Shanghai Cobra,” which is my personal favorite of all the Monogram Charlie Chan pictures.

Nice topic!

Rush Glick

Re: The Chinese Cat

I agree with you. The Chinese cat also would be a good double feature with the Wax Museum which also was one of the lowest budget Fox film. They both have similar carnival themes. Although Mantan steals the show in the Monogram film.