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Happy 136th Birthday Earl Derr Biggers!

This month, we're celebrating Charlie Chan creator Earl Derr Biggers' 136th birthday, August 26th, with a "musical montage".

We've got an interesting line-up of musical associations to our sleuth: big band and jazz tunes, composers, and even a choreographed dance number...all to celebrate Biggers and his famed Honolulu Detective!

And for the serious Chan fan, there's an in-depth review of the music composers, directors and supervisors from the 44 Chan films of the 1930s and '40s. We even stumbled upon a unique connection between Charlie Chan and Captain America--who knew!

There's something for everyone this month as we celebrate Earl Derr Biggers 136th Birthday. Here's the link:

Happy Birthday Earl! Lou

Re: Happy 136th Birthday Earl Derr Biggers!

Dear Lou,

We celebrated Mr. Biggers' birthday last week during our Weekly Chat session!

Your presentation at "The Postman on Holiday" is a fantastic, wide-ranging collection of music and more that is a MUST for every fan of Charlie Chan! I had so much fun as I went through it!