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Re: Our Poll Question for September!

OK, I tried hard to be objective, but (don't blame me) I voted for..."The Cleveland Case!" This is very interesting, Rush. I would "love" for you to do an article for our 2022 Charlie Chan Family Home Newsletter, or even a "guest blog" for my "postman site" next year!

I've actually drafted your article, "Actress Frances Chan as Chan's daughter...Frances Chan" for our 2021 newsletter! I'll be sending it to you shortly for review.

You know this opens up some serious possibilities for mystery writers. Especially, with the first novel coming into the public domain, January 1st, 2021. I actually happen to have heard from a publisher, who is going to re-release it in ebook form! I'll put that in the upcoming newsletter (2021.)

Great stuff.
Aloha, Lou

Re: Our Poll Question for September!

Thank you, Lou!

As the original Charlie Chan stories enter public domain, this will open the door for more people to gain access to these great Earl Derr Biggers mysteries!

As you hint, it WOULD be fun to bring the "undocumented" Chan cases to "life"! maybe at some point we can revive the idea of a group-produced "script" for each one!

Yes, it is a natural for you to pick "Charlie Chan in Cleveland" for your favorite! This one is also the only one of the group to have been mentioned as a FUTURE case!

Finally, I am honored that you felt the Frances Chan information to be worthy of publication in your yearly Charlie Chan family Newsletter! And, yes, I would be equally honored to make a contribution to your outstanding blog!