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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Problems rarely wait for clearing weather.”

GREETINGS! We join Charlie Chan, Number Two Son, Jimmy, and Birmingham Brown’s cousin, Chattanooga on a VERY eventful cruise to the South Seas; a cruise surrounded by international intrigue and…murder!

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Dangerous Money” (1946; 66 minutes) along with our “extra,” the ELEVENTH episode of “Secret Agent X-9” with Keye Luke! (1945; 20 minutes).

FEATURE SUMMARY: Aboard a passenger ship in the South Seas, undercover agent Scott Pearson tells Charlie Chan that he is being sent to Samoa to investigate the sudden appearance of money and artworks stolen from Philippine banks during the Japanese invasion. Later, while the passengers gather in the salon for a ceremony to celebrate the crossing of the equator, Pearson is stabbed in the back and killed. Chan, along with Number Two Son, Jimmy, and assistant Chattanooga Brown, works to find the killer who lurks among the passengers.

FEATURE NOTES: Our film's working title was “Hot Money.” The title card reads, “Charlie Chan in ‘Dangerous Money’.” ‘Hollywood Reporter’ news items add the following information about the production: Prior to his appearance in this film, Rick Vallen served a term in the U.S. Coast Guard. Restaurateur "Don the Beachcomber" gave technical advice on the South Sea Islands. It was the wish of Jack De Witt, the actual writer of the screenplay, to credit his wife, Miriam Kissinger as the writer.

TRIVIA: In “Dangerous Money,” we see the S.S. ‘Newcastle’ arrive in Pago Pago, American Samoa through the use of stock footage. The ship shown as the ‘Newcastle’ is probably the S.S. ‘Mariposa’ which belonged to the famous Matson Navigation Company. The Matson "white ships" became famous for their service to the Hawaiian Islands as well as other Pacific destinations, including Pago Pago, American Samoa.

TERM OF THE WEEK: Kansas City bankroll - (Idiom) A term for a roll of money that is actually a few bills of high value rolled around those of lesser or no value fashioned to appear as a big roll of money.

Jimmy Chan: "It's a Kansas City bankroll."

THIS WEEK’S IMAGE: Entertainers perform for customers at the Mango Inn in Pago Pago.

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CAST (as credited):

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Gloria Warren: Rona Simmonds
Victor Sen Young: Jimmy Chan
Rick Vallin: Tao Ericson
Joseph Crehan: Captain Black
Willie Best: Chattanooga Brown
John Harmon: Freddie Kirk
Bruce Edwards: Harold Mayfair
Dick Elliot: P.T. Burke
Joe Allen, Jr.: George Brace
Amira Moustafa: Laura Ericson
Tristam Coffin: Scott Pearson
Alan Douglas: Mrs. Whipple (alias for Joseph Murdock)
Selmer Jackson: Ship's Doctor
Dudley Dickerson: Big Ben
Rito Punay: Pete
Elaine Lange: Mrs. Cynthia Martin
Emmett Vogan: Professor Henry Martin
Leslie Dennison: Reverend Whipple (alias for Theodore M. Lane)

UNCREDITED CAST (alphabetical):

Ted Billings: Barfly
Kit Carson: Seaman
Helen Dickenson: Ship Passenger
Herbert Evans: Man at the Mango Inn
Jerry Groves: Polynesian
Stuart Hall: Ship Passenger
Don McCracken: Junior Officer
Matthew McCue; Barfly
Sol Murgi: Barfly
Mavis Russell: Freddie Kirk's Assistant
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QUESTION: Which Charlie Chan film offers the best "shipboard" murder(s)?

“Charlie Chan Carries On” (as seen through the Spanish language version, “Eran Trece”) 0%
“Charlie Chan at the Race Track” 11%
“Charlie Chan at the Olympics” 6%
“Charlie Chan in Honolulu” 6%
“Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise” 38%
“Dead Men Tell” 38%
“Dangerous Money” 6%
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