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The Charlie Chan Family Message Board
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Charlie Chan Movie Stills!

Hi! My name is Leonard Kohl and I'm a huge Charlie Chan fan! I'm working on a book of interviews I did several yeas ago - including a long series of articles with Kate Phillips (a.k.a. Kay Linaker). Well over 15 years ago, a lot of this interview was published by SCARLET STREET MAGAZINE but I am working on expanding and annotating these interviews for a book or two for BearManor Media books! Any chance that I can borrow some of the Kay Linaker CHAN stills for my book? I have a load of stills from THE BLACK CAMEL and some other CHAN films that I don't see posted in your photo section that I'd be willing to let you use as a kind of "barter system" for the photos I'd like to use! How do I go about doing this? Thanks!