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Re: I solved the "clue"! The 666 in the Chan Sunday Comic!

Agreed, Lou! I do find it interesting how that "system" did work out the way it did! My guess is that the strip's creator, Alfred Andriola, had come across this cipher somewhere and used it as a key element of this story. I do feel that seeing the swastika earlier made an impression on Mr. Chan!

This morning I was thinking that this was a rather bold statement by Andriola, as this week's strip was published (10/19/1941) more than six weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and was produced perhaps a couple of months before that. (And, this doesn't take into account the beginnings of the storyline!) At this time, the U.S. was still trying to maintain a shaky "neutrality" during the growing conflict beyond our borders.

Interesting stuff!


Re: I solved the "clue"! The 666 in the Chan Sunday Comic!

Rush, I think you may have hit on another mystery. Why did the U.S. finally enter into WWII? Was it the attacks on our supposedly neutral ships, or perhaps instigated by one each Cartoonist Alfred Andriola! Well done ole boy...CONGRATS!