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Attn: Chantology Owners

I'm looking to put together a follow-up feature of the Chantology DVD set. Please send your reviews and comments to me via the e-mail address above.

Be honest in your reviews. Deadline: Aug. 2nd, Feature to be seen on Cyberspace Blog on Aug. 4th.


Re: Attn: Chantology Owners

Dear Chris,

A great idea! I'll have mine in by your deadline. I have to admit, it will be a very positive review on my part!


Re: Re: Attn: Chantology Owners

I don't mind positive, just honest. I know how some Chan fans will say something is good whether it is or not.


Re: Attn: Chanthology Owners

Hi Chris,

I will also be sending in a review. I agree with Rush, I have mostly positive things to say about this set. Thank you for providing this opportunity to Chan fans for expressing our opinions on this set!



Re: Re: Attn: Chanthology Owners

My Pleasure,Steve! It is my desire to show the rest of the world the love we have for Charlie Chan and the need for the other films to be released on DVD.