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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TV Chan's Aphorisms

Yeah they were gleaned from another website. click on the phrase Chan Novel aphorisms from my previous post.

I agree with your assesment. I still think we can do the serial concept, that is chapter by chapter, and with a main crew at the helm they can make the final decisions as to how each chapter will look. I think a serial, at least on the blog will add to the excitement and encourage people to return each week to see how the next chapter unfolds.

I also agree about your multi-Chan problem. Which is why the main crew would fix it so it is consistant throughout the story.


Re: new stories


I am intrigued by the idea of resurrecting the fan written stories. Although I had been following Kurt's board since almost the beginning I had taken a hiatus when the first go around of stories was going on so I missed out on those.

When I was in junior high and high school I loved writing stories, etc. I didn't have to pursue that interest after HS because of the time demands placed by college and then building a career and then marriage (all worthy endeavors especially the last one )

If the Chan stories are resurrected I will do my best to participate. To be honest, my ability to contribute will depend on timing. Summer is always busy with outside activities and projects. My busy season at work kicks off in a couple of weeks as well

Chris, Virginia, and Rush - you continue to do great things with your respective Chan sites. How you find time to do all of this is beyond me. As Harry Hoo would say, "Amazing".


Re: Re: new stories

I'm like you--I'd love to see the stories continue but I was so heavily involved in the last one that I don't think I have time or energy right now to help out.

Re: Re: Re: new stories

I would be very interested as time allows.

Re: Re: Re: Re: new stories

Very good! This is the type of energy that I mentioned earlier!

Perhaps at the moment, the word could be passed around regarding the revival of the "homespun" Charlie Chan adventures. The actual wheels of progress could begin to roll once some sort of dedicated team is assembled.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: new stories

I know that alot of people don't have much time which is why I think a once a week serial would be the best way to go. Five days to create and suggest ideas, dialogue, etc. and then two days to pull it together and post the result.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: new stories

I too would be most interested in it.

Re: TV Chan's Aphorisms

I think " “Silence often speak louder than words” was in one of the movies I watched recently, maybe Honolulu, Reno, or Feathered Serpent?

Re "Silence"

Dear Tenman,

Here are the references to "silence" culled from Charlie Chan's aphorisms:

"Silence best answer when uncertain." ("CC IN SHANGHAI")

"Silence big sister to wisdom." ("CC IN PARIS")

"Silence is golden - except in police station." ("CC's CHANCE")

"Silent witness sometime speak loudest." ("CC AT THE CIRCUS")

Rush Glick