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C.C. movie posters

Can anyone provide me with high quality scans of the following C.C. movie posters:

C.C. in London
C.C. in Paris
C.C. in dangerous money
C.C. at the opera
C.C. in Monte Carlo

and, although that has nothing to do with THIS group, someone might also have such scans of:

The lives of a Bengal Lancer
The Saint meets the Tiger
The Saint strikes back
The Saint in Palm Springs
Mr.Moto takes a chance
The Sea Hawk


Arie (Netherlands)

Re: C.C. movie posters

I'd just like to be able to see a shot of any graphic art done for Eran Trece. Haven't been able to find anything.

Re: Re: C.C. movie posters

Dear Tenman,

Now THAT would be a rare one!

Rush Glick