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The Charlie Chan Family Message Board
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Wednesday Feature Calendar

Hey Gang,
Just wanted to share with you my listing for my upcoming features for my blog on Wednesdays.

Aug. 4th
Chantology Reviews
It's been about a month since its release, so we'll look at some reviews.

Aug. 11th
Lost Chan Films
Four of the early Charlie Chan films starring Warner Oland have been missing. Feature discussion.

Aug. 18th
Pennsylvania Referendum
Warner Oland appeared as Charlie Chan in a promo to plea to residents of Penn. about movies on Sunday.

Aug. 25th
Charlie Chan At College
We'll look at the first finished Chan Fan Project plus news of a new project in the works!!

If you have input for these features or ideas for future features, please let me know.

BTW, I want to interview those involved in the College Project.