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Chan Fan Story Project

Hi Gang,
I have posted a message on the Yahoo Group to go out to all concerning our idea of the Fan Story. Here's that post:

In the last couple of weeks there has been talk in the Family Website Message Board about doing a new Fan-based story. For those of you not familiar with this idea, follow this link to the project entitled Charlie Chan At College

It is my desire and that of others to create a new story project for those of us who love the character and the mysteries. My suggestion is to create a serial type story featuring one chapter a week on the blog, Charlie Chan in Cyberspace. Once the project is completed then we will compile all the chapters into one film-style script and, hopefully make it available on the Family Website.

To ensure continuity in the story and that our main character doesn’t lapse from one Actor style to another, a main story crew will be heading the project and putting the story together. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed for this project will not be successful unless enough people are willing to participate.

On Aug. 25th for my Wednesday Feature on the blog, I will be discussing the “College” project and, by then hope to have news for a new project which will include: Title, storyline, outline, and cast of characters.

Once again I urge you all to consider becoming a part of this project; whether to suggest ideas, invent aphorisms, or provide pictures for the story, we need a lot of help to make it happen!

Thank You So Much,
Chris M

Re: Chan Fan Story Project

Dear Chris,

Thank you for considering the challenge of reviving the Charlie Chan script project(s). I like your ideas on this and look forward to being part of the team.


Re: Re: Chan Fan Story Project

Well I've always considered the challenge ever since I first came across them back when we were discussing the "Toughest Case" story. I believe there wasn't as much interest from the others then as there is now. I think we have a good group and we'll make this a reality.

Now I have to read through all of "College" before Aug. 25th