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Rush Is Vindicated!

We all knew how smart Rush is (or how'd he get all this stuff on his website?! ).
But I can now attest to his having an independent backup-my mother!
We were watching Opera this morning since she hadn't been up to it Monday night and I mentioned Rush finding about the "soup and fish."
"Of course," she says, "we used to call them that all the time!"
Now she tells me!
Rush, are you and Mother up to anything else that Marie and I ought to know about?!?!
Now cut that out!!

Re: Rush Is Vindicated!

I believe I heard mention they were going to run your life for the next several years.


Re: Rush Is Vindicated!

Dear Virginia,

Please tell your honorable mother "Thank you so much" for me. Your humble servant may now sleep a bit more soundly at night. "Soup and fish" may be appropriate apparel when I visit you and her one day.


Re: Re: Rush Is Vindicated!

That "soup and fish" is one reason I've wanted to do more with your definitions in your notes bescause I've learned so much from them! . . . Who knows where Rush will now have his influence felt?!

Soup and fish?? What's that?

Re: Soup and fish?? What's that?

It's the slang term that people at least used to use to refer to men's evening clothes, like the more formal "white tie and tails."