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Chan Ladies Now Have a Coup!!

I am happy to announce that Chan ladies now have our very own representative in Chandom!!

"Mrs. Chan" has allowed me to put her beef stew recipe on my blog in time for Rush's Monday Night Chat of The Shanghai Cobra!

I will admit that this reel-life "Mrs. Chan" is in real-life Becky Truesdale who has had a life-time fascination of Chinese people, arts, etc. I will also admit that one of the many things she shares with our favorite detective is having several children--one of keeps turning up everywhere like the Chan boys when they don't have anything better to do with their time!

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Re: Chan Ladies Now Have a Coup!!

Dear Virginia,

Please thank your mother for allowing you to post her recipe. Poor Joe Nelson (owner of Joe's Coffee Shop) couldn't interest anyone in his version of beef stew, but I will bet that your venerable mother's has always had the opposite effect.