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Re: Book-Charlie Chan Carries On

Dear Louise,


What a nice find! The fact that you are reading and enjoyment brings the book immediate value beyond the monetary.

"Charlie Chan Carries On" was originally published in 1930. A year later, a "photoplay" edition was released containing a number of pictures from the Charlie Chan movie of the same name. This means that your present book, dating from 1933 is a later edition. It does have some monetary value, but, it is probably not enough to take the time to look for potential buyers. If your book still has its original dust cover, the value will be higher, depending on the publisher of the book. What you might do is look for the same book on and see what it is selling for through the worldwide dealer listings found there.

I hope that I have been of some assistance to you, and I am very pleased that you are enjoying the story!

Rush Glick

Re: Re: Book-Charlie Chan Carries On

Thanks so much for the info. The further I get into
the story the more I am enjoying it. I was surprised
at the good condition of the book considering the age
of it. I will probably just add it to my library.
This was the second good find I had in the past 2
months. I found a book by E P Roe -Barriers Burned
Away - published 1892. It also is in excelant condition. It was a wonderful book. I am keeping my
eyes open for some more of his books. I do volunteer
work with an organization that helps pets and we do
yards sales monthly so we have a lot of books plus
many more things, donated to us and I get a chance
to go throught them before the sales so this has been
a fun thing to see what I can find.
Again thanks for your help.
Louise Wimmer

Re: Book-Charlie Chan Carries On

It depends on if it is hardback or paperback. I saw Charlie Chan's "Behind That Curtian" 1933 hardback in excellent condition on E-bay for $6,500.00.