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Re: Mourn with me

Well Chris I feel your pain..However you could possibly splice the damaged section out and repair
whats left...I've done this once or twice over the years...went to Radio Shack and bought some splicing repair tape..but even a good scotch magic transparent
will work,the real trick is to get the tape loaded properly back into the's tricky..but quite
possible...CC at the olympics is a ruff one to lose!!

Re: Re: Mourn with me


I will mourn with you. I am so sorry. Andy's full set of Chan dvds are just $99 this week. Don't you have a birthday coming up or beg for an early Christmas present or something?!! If I hadn't just sold my soul to the IRS and had my front yard dug up to fix my sewer, I'd be tempted to get them for you.

~Mrs. P

Re: Mourn with me

We'll have a group hug on Monday night for you.

Re: Mourn with me

Dear Chris,

I do feel your pain, indeed! I will look to see if I have an extra copy of "OLYMPICS" for you. In the meantime, perhaps you should take the offending VCR to a good repair shop. We are very fortunate to have one such shop near us, and the gentleman who runs it swears by (not AT!) older model VCRs. According to him, the newer models are not nearly as good, and I agree.


Re: Re: Mourn with me

Thanks to everyone for your sympathy. The tape is too old to repair, a blank used to tape films off television. And it would be cheaper to buy a new VCR than to repair our, also a few years old. I'll just have to wait it out.

Yes, I do have a birthday coming up, but I'd stand a better chance to get the Chanthology then the entire series.

I'll at least get to see the Black Camel as I have that on DVD.