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Plan in C.C. in Egypt

Forgive me if this has been discussed before.
After the murderer has been caught, Carol Arnold says that it was terrible sitting there wondering how your plan would work out. She is addressing Warner Oland.
I can find nowhere that a plan has been mentioned prior to this statement.
Did I miss something, or is this part of some deleted scenes?

Steve Crane

Re: Plan in C.C. in Egypt

There is no previous mention of any plan!
It's like in The Black Camel where Charlie says something about a conversation he had with the Australian couple that morning. Any such scene must have been deleted since we didn't see it.

Re: Re: Plan in C.C. in Egypt

Dear Virginia,

That is a good comparison. The viewer is expected to connect the dots, evidently. It may, however, have been a case of a continuity error in "The Black Camel."

In "Charlie Chan in Egypt," the audience was as much in the dark about Charlie Chan's plan as the killer. It does add to the scene's suspence, and if anyone has not guessed the identity of the killer, it provides an immediate revelation.