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Mr. Moto Coming Soon!!

Hey Gang....
I was just looking ahead to October On TCM and To my
amazement I noticed On October 29th TCM is running
Mr Moto's Last Warning...This Is The 1'st Moto film
Run On TV since the Fox Fiasco,to my knowledge.
Maybe there's still hope for more in the future....


Re: Mr. Moto Coming Soon!!

Good find Mike! Perhaps we could get some people together that day and watch it! Depending, of course as to what time its on.

I suggest we further send requests for Chan films and Moto and even Wong movies with Boris Karloff!!


Re: Mr. Moto Coming Soon!!

Dear Mike,

This is wonderful news! As you hint, this may be the proverbial light at the end of a very dismal tunnel (The release of the "Chanthology" DVD set was the first strong glint!). Let's all do two things: First, watch the Mr. Moto on TCM; second, and even more important, let TCM know how much we appreciate their showing Mr. Moto and ask for the same treatment of Charlie Chan.


Re: Re: Mr. Moto Coming Soon!!

How do I tell them?

Re: Re: Re: Mr. Moto Coming Soon!!

goto the TCM website. At the top they have a "Request a Movie" section. I'd say do it there. Request, Chan, Moto, Wong, any or all movies!!!