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Re: Re: Hurricane Charley

I've heard from Bill and he's doing fine!

He just has a backlog of emails to get through!


Re: Re: Re: Hurricane Charley

Thanks for the update Virginia.

Hopefully we'll hear from Gary Osborne soon to know that everything is alright with his family. I forget what part of Florida he's in, but I'm sure almost every Floridian has been impacted by this one way or another.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Hurricane Charley

I'm just back on-line after my laptop crashed Thursday evening. PTL it was only the mother board and not the hard drive! I'm very impressed with Dell who sent someone out to my office 1st thing this morning to fix it.

So I'm just back up and running and first item on my agenda was to check on my Florida Chan friends and make sure they are ok. Haven't read the 229 new posts on the CCMB yet but saw that Mary Ann has posted she is ok and I am glad to hear Bill is ok also.

Gary lives about 45 minutes to a hour north of Tampa, Springfield, Spring Valley, something like that, so I hope he's ok!!! I thought I heard it missed Tampa, but I'm not sure how the area north of Tampa faired. Anyone know?!!

I have friends who have a winter home in Naples and their roof was ripped off, but they are more concerned for the people who have lost family or their only home.

Glad to be back!
~Mrs. P

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hurricane Charley

Mrs. P, Steve, and my other friends,

Thanks so much for checking in on me. It's nice to know people care.

Actually, as you correctly stated Mrs. P, I am about 45 minutes north of Tampa in Spring Hill. Hurricane Charley looked like it was sure to hit and devestate the entire Tampa Bay area (of which my county is considered a part), but literally at the last hour it took a sharp turn to the east and missed our area and hit to the south of Tampa by quite a bit. Basically, it had no impact on me at all, and Tampa got little more than some semi-heavy rain.

While I'm thankful that it didn't come my way (for surely it could and would have devestated my community had it come ashore anywhere close to us) I am of course saddened for those in south Florida. I don't know of anyone personally who lives down that way, but obviously it was horrible for them.

Thanks for the prayers and contact.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hurricane Charley

Thanks SO much for checking in Gary! So glad you're ok!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hurricane Charley


Glad to hear everything's ok with you and your family Gary. Continued prayers still go out for the other families throughout your state impacted by this terrible storm.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hurricane Charley

I should ammend my post above to say that I don't know of anyone personally in south Florida - OTHER THAN MY GOOD CC FAMILY FRIENDS!

I'm grateful to hear that folks like Mary Ann, who was much close to Charley than I was, are ok now.


Drinks for Everybody Tonight on Me!!

I have some special "stuff" on for tonight's chat room in honor of our Florida Friends!!
Maybe Rush and Marie's Sweet Sarah can give an extra one of her cute "whoops" for everybody tonight!