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Sunday Comics

Did you skip a week or did I sleep thru it?

Re: Sunday Comics

Dear Jack,

Your sleeping habits are quite in line with the accepted norm! The comic for 8/10/41 (a reproduction) was followed with that from 8/17/41 (an original). Sometimes, if there is the feeling that a "gap" exists between two Sunday Charlie Chan comics, it is most probably due to the fact that the intervening daily comics carried a heavy portion of the plot. Most often, the "dailies" were, and still are, used to string readers along from Sunday to Sunday, not contributing too much to the overall story.

I hope that you will continue to enjoy our humble offering...

Rush Glick

Re: Re: Sunday Comics

Hi Rick,
I probably wasn't too clear. In the Charlie Chan Comics I skip from 8-3-1941 to 8-17-1941. I was wondering if I missed a week or if you skiped one.
Many thanks,
Jack Barnes