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New Addtion to Cyberspace Chan

Hey Gang,
If you noticed on my blog recently, I've added a couple pictures with just captions underneath. This is a photo program which I'd been looking for to post pictures of my own. The program was pointed out to me by one Liz Cameron. And here is her website of photos: Lizzy. Liz and I are old friends from last Friday, though I don't know anything about her...yet. Stop by her site and show your support and thank her for helping me to improve the cyberspace blog.


Re: New Addtion to Cyberspace Chan

made my first trip to your Chan blog today, and am duly impressed. Improvements thus not evident, but appreciated.

Now, in words of CC, correction, please. In the transcription of the Charlie Pennsylvania vote film, I am confident he would have said "populace," not "populous." Go ahead and check dictionary to see. Sound is so close to identical, but definition different.

But, how very Chanlike is the choice of words, because to call the voters the populace points up the diversity of the U.S. vote-franchise. The man never ceases to impress me!


Re: Re: New Addtion to Cyberspace Chan

Thanks very much for your comments, Maurelius.
I'm sure the word is misspelled however, I didn't really pay attention as I copied it straight from Rush's website. I do have an actual copy of the referendum on tape somewhere but am fearful of my VCR eating another tape. I will make the change and I'm sure Rush will do likewise.

Again, thanks for your views and comments.


Re: Re: New Addtion to Cyberspace Chan

Dear Maurelius,

THANK YOU for the corection! That one slipped by my very suspect spelling and word skills... It will be corrected immediately at our home Site.

Please have a veggie burger and fries (made with vegetable oil) on me!