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Re: This Ones for Mrs. Pendleton

I read the article. Good work for both of you!! I hope to do a feature on the remakes in the near future.


Re: Re: This One's for Mary Ann

Ladies, will you ever forgive me for the mix up?!
I was trying to get this done before Mother and I got out to run errands.

I should have known to stay home on days like this!

We had a slight accident on the way back to the house!

Mother is okay, if being shaken up is ever okay.

She had looked back every way she could have to see if anyone was coming up behind her. Wouldn't you know there was a very small truck in her blind spot?!

I got my stepfather and the police by cell phone and Mother is now home and firmly ensconced in her chair in the den.

I have a slightly twisted lower back and sore right ankle and blushing cheeks knowing I goofed on two very kind ladies!!

'cuse me while I go slink into a corner . . .


Re: Re: Re: This One's for Mary Ann

Dear Virginia,

i am very happy to hear that you and your mother are all right! Was your step-father in the car, too? If so, I'm thankful that all three of you are doing well, and the other driver, too!


Re: Re: Re: This One's for Mary Ann

Dear Virginia,

Forgive? For what?!! First for you on CCMB and now for Mary Ann on this message board. People confuse me for the most wonderful people! What an honor!

I am more concerned about Mother and you - neither one of you needed this! I do hope Mother has recovered with no lasting effects. I will pray for a quick recovery for your back and ankle. I hope it's not the same side as before.

Please let me know if you need any help with the beverage cart tonight.

Drat those darned blind spots!!!

~Mrs. P

Re: Re: Re: This One's for Mary Ann

So sorry! Am confused. Am not sure exactly what I did but will take credit anyway!!! (Mother did not raise a fool!). TYSM.