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Keye Luke-2

Thank you all for the Keye Luke-Charlie Chan info. I remember in an interview with Keye Luke a number of years ago, He did call Warner Oland the best of the Chan actors. And although he (Keye Luke)did many roles
in his long life time, to me, he will always be number one son Lee.The life long student that always wanted to be a detective. I truly wish I could have seen him in person.

I might also add he did a wonderful job as Master Po in Kung Fu the TV show, Again thank you all for your info.

Re: Keye Luke-2

Dear Robb,

You are very welcome! Yes, I wish I could have met Mr. Luke as well...

If you would like to read the transcripts of TWO interviews with Keye Luke, you will find them in our Study. One was an interview from 1977 which included Victor Sen Yung and Benson Fong, sons two and three. the other was a solo interview for Canadiab TV made circa 1985.

Rush Glick