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Re: Rush Glick 2 and Thanks plus wallpaper news

Dear Robb,

Thank YOU!


Re: Re: Rush Glick , Wallpapers are done.

Hi Rush,

I have those wallpapers done. Montages, Collages photo layouts and movie poster combined wallpapers in the 800/600 size; 83 of them, and all of them about the three major Chans: Oland, Toler and Winters. Would your site be interested in them? They are done well, most photographs are cleaned up and the combined poster wallpapers are some cases,with new colors and new printing(fonts). I put in over seventy five hours on my photo editing program trying to get them the best I can....I hope they might be of use to you and the Chan fans.If you are interested please let me know how I can get them to your site (upload).