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From 'Parade' Magazine, August 29, 2004

My honorable wife just showed me this from today's 'Parade' magazine, page 2:

"Q: Merv Griffin gave Nancy Reagan one of those Chinese wrinkle dogs. Why that breed?

A: Because Merv, 79, is extraordinarily fond of his own sharpei, Charlie Chan. He thought the newly widowed Nancy, 83, who'd met Charlie, could use a companion. Incidentally, Charlie - who enjoys traveling on Merv's yacht and private jet - has a restaurant named in his honor at Merv's hotel in Scotsdale, Ariz. Talk about a dog's life."

Re: From 'Parade' Magazine, August 29, 2004

Dear Rush,

Thank you for the article. I had remembered seeing the picture of Merv, Nancy, and "Duchess" and being reduced to tears by it. What a lovely dog and what a lovely gesture on Mr. Griffin's part. I did not know the breed was the same as Merv's own "Charlie Chan".

Merv gets a big from me on this all the way around.


Re: From 'Parade' Magazine, August 29, 2004

Whoa!! A Merv hotel in Scotsdale? I've been here in AZ for over 12 years and don't recall any such thing. details please, and name of restaurant.