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Re: Charlie's Birthplace?

Charlie Chan was born in the Canton province of China around the year 1880. In his early youth, before he had reached his teens, Charlie and his parents moved to Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. At this time, he began to learn the English language, but, as he took it up just before adolescence, Charlie never completely mastered the language of his adopted land, although his vocabulary was quite extensive.

In his early years as an adult, Charlie worked as a houseboy for Sally Jordan, a woman of considerable means who took the young man under her wing. "Memories of her kindness will survive while life hangs out," said Mr. Chan years later.

Re: Re: Charlie's Birthplace?

Hello Rush,Aunt Ling said you could tell me the address where Charlie Chan lived in Honolulu,the wife and i are going there next weekend and i thought we would check it out.thanks Kevin

Re: Re: Re: Charlie's Birthplace?

Dear Kevin,

Congratulations on your trip to Honolulu! Before leaving, I heartily suggest that you watch "THE BLACK CAMEL" (our Chat/Film Viewing movie for this Monday, By the way!) before you go, if possible. In this film, you will see Charlie Chan getting into his Model T Ford with assistant Kashimo.

Last time I had the good fortune to visit the beautiful tropical city, I did my best to track down this exact spot, and I feel that I did, using landmarks visible in the movie in the distance as a reference point. First, I determined, thanks to a very distinctive roof on a house that Mr. Chan and Kashimo pass shortly after starting their drive, that the Chans lived on Prospect Street, which runs along Punchbowl Hill. Next, usung the landmarks I mentioned above, I found the most likely spot to be what is today 201 Prospect Street. There, you will find a very obscure art museum dedicated to a deceased Honolulu artist. With a romantic bent, if you stroll the fairly lush grounds, you will easily imagine that once on this spot stood the home of the Chan family. In fact, there is even a bit od a foundation still in evidence there.

Please feel free to email me if I can be of any help to you. I found it very fun to search out "Charlie Chan locations" in and around the Honolulu and Kailua areas of Oahu. Also, please join us for our Chat on Monnday night. I can answer some questions there, too...

Rush Glick