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Re: Re: Charlie Chan DVD's And Where The Black Camel Was Filmed.

Thanks Mike....But two things, first, I was not looking to buy a copy of the Black Camel. I just wanted to say I lived within a few blocks of where some of the film was shot.

2nd.,I have purchaced three DVD-R's and all of them have been bad and I really do not want to buy any more(Gun Shy). I cannot understand why, if they are selling well, any more of the Monogram film will not be put out. Plus, I like Toler, but it would be great to have Oland and even some Winters on DVD also. And, if they are selling well, why Fox would not get into the act and put out some too.

We can always hope Chan fans, we can always hope.

Mahalo (Thanks)


Re: Re: Re: Charlie Chan DVD's And Where The Black Camel Was Filmed.

Well I agree we can hope that Fox Will someday get
off their Keesters,and release the BEST of the CC
films to DvD...But I doubt they'll do it anytime soon.
Afterall if they wont even show show them on their own
channel...As to the copy of "Camel" I assure you,
The copy I mentioned is without a doubt the finest
you will find, bar none. Everyone who collects CC
I think will agree with this..It has an excellent
clarity..not "washed out" like all the other prints
I've seen...I Think It's pretty cool to actually live
near a CC movie location...Guess I shoud've mentioned
that in my previous reply..

Re: Re: Re: Re: Charlie Chan DVD's And Where The Black Camel Was Filmed.

I received a very good copy of Black Camel from Forgotten

Re: Forgotten Films Website.

Please supply the correct website address for Forgotten Films. I've been unable to locate it.


Joel Greenberg

Re: Charlie Chan DVD's And Where The Black Camel Was Filmed.

Hi Robb,

As Mike said, the chances of official Fox releases are nil. The Sr VP of Fox Home Entertainment told me as such several months ago. I believe there is truth to the Wendi Deng rumor that she is involved.

We are much more likely to see Warners release their Monogram Chans. Sales of the Chanthology were apparently decent and if enough people ask for them, I believe Warners will see what they can do. I've attached a link to the official Warners request page.

I'm sorry to hear that you've gotten substandard DVD-Rs. Rush has a page of links to dealers that sell product that should be better than what you've experienced.


Re: Re: Charlie Chan DVD's And Where The Black Camel Was Filmed.

I'd actually RATHER see those additonal Monograms
released anyway...I've managed to obtain good to
Excellent copys of all the FOX entrys over the years
My Monograms however are not ALL that great,[all
quite viewable but some with station logo's ] some
a little grainy...and a couple I think, shy of the
of the entire running time according to info
produced By Tom Dubel...point Is that if my info is
correct These titles are owned by Warners currently
not MGM..and have never been restored at all..
While it's POSSIBLE that we may all live to see those
films trickle out to the public on DvD..They will
want to clean em up first and that will take time..
Hopefully someone at Warners cares enough to start
this process...only time will tell eh?