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Re: Re: Re: Subtitled "Eran Trace DVD"

Dear Rush,

I'm sad I didn't get to watch "The Black Camel" with you all tonight, but thought I'd take a break and check in here. I was anxious to watch the newly subtitled "Eran Trece" as soon as possible after receiving it last month. I enjoyed it very much although by necessity somewhat distracted with other things at the time. I recently breezed through the script of "Charlie Chan Carries On" provided on your most honorable website and it seemed very similar to me, but between the distractions while viewing the film and the amount of time which had lapsed since viewing it, I was unsure if it was exactly the same or not. I knew there was a difference in the running time between the two films and that they were filmed a few months apart. While I was watching "Eran Trece" I tried to picture Oland in the role and what the lost film would be like (sigh!), but was unsure if there were major or minor differences in the script. Not knowing isn't a problem when you know who to ask! Thank you, as always, for a very informative answer!

~Mrs. P

P.S. Mrs. Chan speaking Japanese is a very fun blooper! I would have never known. To quote Lili (or Iris) Wong in "Charlie Chan in Rio", "It's all Chinese to me!"