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Thank You and Somthing Else too!

As the honorable Charlie Chan would say, thank you so very much. Your more than kind words about my work make it more than worth it. Also, you have only seen a small portion of the wallpapers; there are more photo wallpapers, about 28 more and 35 movie poster wallpapers that will be posted.

Also and this is the something else part. I am starting to work on screensavers too. Three are done right now and I'm working on the forth almost as we speak. The first three are savers about the wallpapers that will be on this site. One is a saver on all the photo wallpapers, one is a saver with all movie poster wallpapers and the third is where I took the best wallpapers from both sections and put them in this saver.

The forth saver that I'm working on now (as well as the rest of them for a while) will be on the Charlie Chan movies themselves. The one that is in the works now is Charlie Chan in Honolulu. I'm about 1/2 done with it and when I am, I will send all four of them to Rush and if he likes them and wants to, then they will be posted too.

If everything goes all right, I will make screensavers out of the six Chanthology DVD's also.
There may even be new wallpapers from time to time if Rush would like them on the site.

Again, Mahalo nui,


Re: Thank You and Somthing Else too!

Dear Robb,

Great job, and we look forward to seeing a screen saver or two!

I thought that it would be best to start with the first 30 Charlie Chan wallpapers, and then change the content on occasion. If there are a huge number on the page, it will take a very long time to load on our honorable members' and visitors' computers, especially if their machines run slowly.

Thank you again, Robb!!!


Re: Re: Thank You and Somthing Else too!

Thanks Again Rush.....I think you are right, the wallpapers should be rotated.

As far as the SAVERS go, three are done the forth (Charlie Chan In Honolulu) I am working on. When I am done, I will let you know and send them.