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Re: Re: where to purchase Charlie chan movies?

Try places like Stephen V. Russo (who seems to have more Tolers than Olands) or kinevideo.

Re: Re: where to purchase Charlie chan movies?


I love your taste in enjoying Warner Oland as Charlie Chan!

You might want to go hit the "Return to Website" here and find the "Links" in the heading to click on. You'll find several vendors there.


Re: Re: Re: where to purchase Charlie chan movies?

Thanks for the quick responses.
I took the link, The Vintage Theatre was easier to follow than the Old Time Radio link.
What are your experiences with the Vintage collection?
It seems the Platinum Edition for 99.95 has the cases, and says it is high quality.
Then there is the limitted edition for 85.00...I assume the only difference is the cases are includes in the Platinum Edition?
Thanks for any help/feedback anyone can give me.

Re: where to purchase Charlie chan movies?

Beware the Platinum version. It has gotten slammed multiple times on the other Chan board.

My general advice now is to not spend very much money on grey market Chans. I'm fairly confident that all the Monogram Chans will be commercially available within the next 24 months or so.

The Fox Chans are another matter. However if the Lucy Liu movie goes forward, there's a good chance even they will get released.

If you're looking for a collection under $100 and you don't mind sacrifices in quality resulting from 3 movies per disc, then I'd suggest looking at the Old Time Radio set that Rush has a link to. I've heard nothing but good things about that set.

Alternatively, if you have tapes to trade, you could post a message at indicating same and get a lot of movies for just the price of postage.