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Re: Re: Tonight's HALLOWEEN Chat/Film Viewing: "Dead Men Tell" (8PM, EST)

Dear Joann,

Good idea! I invite any who were at the chat last evening for our Halloween Party to add their thoughts.

Briefly, I had to arrive a little late as my honorable wife and I took our two-year-old daughter out for trick-or-treating. Most everyone arrived to the evening incognito, in "virtual costume" relating to charaters from the Chan series. We ranged from Mrs. Lowell (from "Charlie Chan's Secret") to The Spirit Aparition from "Charlie Chan at Treasure Island" to Sgt. Kelly ("Charlie Chan at the Opera").

I felt that it was a wonderful evening, and our movie, "Dead Men Tell," added to the Halloween feel. This film is nearly rated fairly high on the list of favorites of Charlie Chan fans. As we try to choose a "spooky" Chan movie for our Halloween Chats, this one definitely filled the bill with plenty of atmosphere, including mysterious, eerie fog, an old sailing ship, pirate lore, treasure map, the seeming presence of the ghost of Black Hook the pirate, and, of course....murder!

Next week, another tradition of ours...our 6th Annual Melbourne Cup Celebration, featuring "Charlie Chan at the Race Track."

Rush Glick

Re: Re: Re: Tonight's HALLOWEEN Chat/Film Viewing: "Dead Men Tell" (8PM, EST)

Well Rush, It sounds like it was a fun evening. I am going to make sure I watch 'Dead Men Tell' sometime this week.
I am really interested on how the forum members became big fans of Charlie Chan. For me it was when I was a young kid, they had so many old black and white movies on TV and I think Charlie Chan was always my favorite.
It has been many years since I saw a Charlie Chan movie, and since I only received my Charlie Chan Vintage collection about 3 weeks ago, I have only viewed a few movies so far -- so fun . Joann

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tonight's HALLOWEEN Chat/Film Viewing: "Dead Men Tell" (8PM, EST)

1)I'm always working in the salt mines on Monday nites, else I'd love to join in the chats. I may be off Dec. 19, so that may be my maiden voyage.
2)I grew up in Pittsburgh, and there used to be a local program, "Detective Theater" or "Suspense Theater" which showed two films from the 30's and 40's back-to-back on Saturday afternoons (I THINK it was Saturday). The pictures were usually Boston Blackie, Charlie Chan, Lone Wolf
and Michael Shayne. Chan and Shayne became my faves, Chan, because of the plot turns and twists and Shayne, for the humor. But I lost track of those of movies until I finally got a VCR and started tracking them down.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tonight's HALLOWEEN Chat/Film Viewing: "Dead Men Tell" (8PM, EST)

Dear Jamison (and Joann),

Thank you for sharing. It is always very interesting to hear how people "met" Charlie Chan. By the way, please take our latest poll, located at our "Entrance" page regarding when you first "discovered" Chan!

Also, pleae join our Monday night Chats any time you are able to do so. You will be MOST welcome...

Rush Glick