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Our Monday Evening Chat/Viewing: "Charlie Chan at the Race Track"

Tomorrow's Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing features "Charlie Chan at the Race Track," Starring Warner Oland and featuring Keye Luke. Please plan on joining with us for our SIXTH ANNUAL Melbourne Cup celebration, an evening that has always proven to be one of our most fun of the the Chan calendar year!

As has been our custom from the start, our good friend from Australia, Steve Rhodes, has graciously assented to be on hand to usher us throught he night. Steve has much horseracing lore to share, as always, especially that which is connected to the Big Race shown in "Charlie Chan at the Race Track."

We begin at our usual time of 8:00 PM, Eastern Time, with arrivals and greetings. Then, 30 minutes later, we begin rolling our personal copies of "Race Track," enabling us to view "same" together. As always, please do not fret in the slightest if your Charlie Chan collection lacks this fine entry, as there will be PLENTY of conversation to include everyone present.

Our Chat Room is located RIGHT HERE at our Charlie Chan Family Home. Please use any of the "Chat Room" links to join us. All are, of course welcome, and newcomers are always offered the seats of honor!

Have a great Monday, and let's get together for what has always been a very special evening...

Rush Glick

PS - The race can be heard LIVE on the Internet (I believe that it begins at midnight, Eastern Time) at