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I would like to make a proposal that occurred to me when I read Kong’s subject heading “The Greatest Chan Year.” I propose that in all of Chandom we begin a celebration of the first dvd release of Chan in keeping with the Chinese custom of naming the new year. This could be instituted with the start of our New Year or the Chinese New Year, which will be February 9th this year. I don’t know the specifics of when the first dvd release will be, but I propose whichever new year we choose we proclaim this as The Year of Chan. 2003 was The Year of the Goat and Fox was goated (goaded) into canceling the Charlie Chan Film Festival. For the Chinese this will be The Year of the Rooster. Yes, Fox was chicken and laid an egg, but with the release of pristine, digitally remastered Chan dvds, we now have a lot to crow about! Any other ideas?

Re: Proposal

Dear Mrs. P,

Great thought! As I understand, Fox will begin releasing Charlie Chan DVDs early next year. So, perhaps 2006 could be our "Chan Year." Wouldn't it be a nice - and fitting - irony to have the DVDs issued close to Chinese New Year?