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The Winner....

In our blissful ignorance of the fact that the Melbourne Cup race had taken place LAST week (!), we had a wonderful time this evening thinking that we were choosing horses that would be competing for the crown several hours later! Well, Virginia's horse, Makybe Diva won, and this makes Virginia the recipiant of this year's most unusual congratulations. Has there ever been a horse race where the winner came in a full week before wagers were placed?

At any rate, a very fun time was had by all present, as far as Yours Truly could determine, as this year's 50-cent coin goes to Virginia...

Rush Glick

Re: The Winner....

Last night may have been a first but it was fun!!

All I have to do now is figure out what my horse's name means!


Re: Re: The Winner....

Dear Virginia,

Research indicates that the name, of Sanskrit origin, translates roughly as "Schnozzolola."