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Tonight's Chat/Film Viewing: "THE BLACK CAMEL" (8PM, EST)

Please join us tonight as our Chat/Film Viewing will feature “The Black Camel,” starring Warner Oland in only his second appearance as Charlie Chan! This movie is also noteworthy in that it was the only one in the series to have been shot on location in and around the Honolulu area.

As always, we begin at 8:00 p.m., EASTERN time with arrivals and greetings. Then, thirty minutes later, we begin running our personal copies of this classic Chan film, thus allowing us to watch it together as our evening’s discussion progresses.

Our Chat Room is located RIGHT HERE at our Charlie Chan Family Home. Please use any of the “Chat Room” links to join us.

Even if you lack a copy of tonight’s movie, please come anyway, as you will NOT be left out of our ongoing chat and festivities. Also, newcomers are offered the seat of honor at our friendly table.

Have a great Monday, and let’s get together this evening for much more fun as we watch “The Black Camel”…

Rush Glick

Re: Tonight's Chat/Film Viewing: "THE BLACK CAMEL" (8PM, EST)

Unfortunately, I'll be slogging away in the salt mines this evening, but I didn't realize THE BLACK existed on home video. Is it on VHS and DVD?

Re: Re: Tonight's Chat/Film Viewing: "THE BLACK CAMEL" (8PM, EST)

Dear Jamison,

I am sorry that you could not make the Chat last night. Hopefully you will be able to do so in the near future!

At the present time, the only way to obtain a copy, either on DVD or VHS, is through private sellers who have access to a copy of "The Black Camel." Hopefully, Warner Brothers, who holds the rights to this great film, will one day see the benefit of releasing a comercial version of "The Black Camel."

In the meantime, you may choose to purchase a copy of "The Black Camel" from one of a number of private sellers, many of whom are listed on our "Links" page, under the heading "Charlie Chan Films."

Rush Glick

Re: Re: Re: Tonight's Chat/Film Viewing: "THE BLACK CAMEL" (8PM, EST)

I'll probably be off on Dec. 19, so I may make that Monday's session. And yes, I will try to buy a copy of CAMEL. I'm tired of reading about it, it's time to actually SEE it.