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Charlie Chan Film Fest

I first got hooked on the detective from Punchbowl Hill while watching his films on a weekly "Charlie Chan Film Festival" that aired late night on a local Boston TV station back in the early 70's. I was in my early teens, and I so enjoyed watching Charlie on my 13" B&W Panasonic TV set. The film was always preceeded by the host providing a brief synopsis of the film that was about to air.

Curious if anyone here is from the Boston area, and if so, do you remember catching Charlie Chan on WCVB-TV? I recently purchased a set of Charlie Chan flicks, and it's like catching up with an old friend.

Re: Charlie Chan Film Fest

Dear Roy,

I believe that I have heard at least one other person mention the Boston area showings that you mention. Enjoy your new set of Chan films, and may your "reunion" bring back many fond memories!

Rush Glick