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Charlie Chan Radio

Is there any chance of a section on Charlie Chan in Radio being added to this website? There seem to have been a couple of American series and one Australian series that used American scripts. According to, Ed Begley played Chan in one series. There is a photo of Begley made up as the great detective on this site to support the contention. The Metro Washington Old Time Radio Club has an article "Charlie Chan Down Under" on its site at by an Australian OTR fan. This article reproduces the Screensound Archive collection guide entry on the Australian series. The Screensound Archive seems to have the entire Australian series in its collection. Also, the Screensound entry claims that Warner Oland himself played Chan in a 1936 radio series. offers a 54 episode MP3 disc of Charlie Chan episodes from what seems to be three different series including eps 7-39 of the serial version. Four Charlie Chan episodes from 1936 are on this disc. The OTR fans at might be able to clear up the question of Oland on radio. I found all of these by doing a search for Charlie Chan OTR on Yahoo. Please drop me a line if the '36 episodes do feature Oland. Happy New Year.

Re: Charlie Chan Radio

Dear William,

Happy New Year.

"Thank you - so much!" Yours is an excellent idea, and one that will be very seriously pursued during the coming year. There are plans for more information regarding the Charlie Chan TV show, "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan" (1957), and the inclusion of as much information on the radio shows, including the Australian entry, is somenting that we will begin working on as well. If you, or anyone else would like to point out sourses of information, as you have already done, please consider this an invitation do do so!

Rush Glick