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A New Service for Chan Lovers

I have started a new service for old movie lovers like the good peopl who gather here at Rush Glick's excellent website!

Have you ever come across an old movie title that you don't know anything about?

Wondered if it was worth your time?

You're time has come!

Just contact me at my address above or check out The Old Movie Maven at

Each post has an envelope at the bottom so you can email me with a request for an order form, questions or suggestions.

I have some titles plus vintage titles from my actualy blog and adding more everyday so I'll hope you'll check back often!

So everybody have a great New Year and I hope to hear from you!

Virginia (aka Miss Maven)

Re: A New Service for Chan Lovers

Believe me, everyone, if there is something that you would like to know about a particular movie, no matter how trivial, experience has shown me that "Miss Maven" can surely help you!

Rush Glick

Re: Re: A New Service for Chan Lovers

TRIVIAL???????????????????? Rush! Nothing is trivial to us.