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I am fairly new to the board, although not altogether new to the Charlie Chan fandom.

My interst comes from my love of the cartoon, "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" --it was while searching the web for things on the "Chan Clan" that led me to this site.

I have seen some of the Charlie Chan movies, although it's hard for me to remember much. I do remember the following exchange, from "Charlie Chan in Honalulu", I think...

Police Chief (or Commissioner, I'm not sure which...) is calling for Charlie for a case. He finds him at the hospital.

Police Chief: Chan? Where are you?
Charlie Chan: Hospital. Maternatiy Ward.
Police Chief: What -- again?

I think that's how it went. It's the gist of it, anyway. As I recall, Charlie's son-in-law was interuppting him with Ling's (?) requests for strange food/food combos.

While most of my interest is still in the cartoon fandom, I am most definatly developing an interest in the older movies. (How can I not? Chan is definatly a charming fellow! )

Unfortunatley, I don't have any of the movies (although you can still catch the cartoon on Boomerang...). I know of a place where I could probibly get the "bootleg" copies. There's a flea market where we go twice a year that has old movies. I think I saw some there.

How do you feel about fanfiction/fanart? Naturally, the fanfiction/fanart that I make will be based on the cartoon, rather than the books or movies, but I wanted to see what you think of fanfics/fanart before doing any posting of links and such.

I recall coming across a piece of fanart on devintART with at least Susie, Nancy, and Mimi in it (from the cartoon). I'll see if I can find that.

See you later!

Re: Hello!

Jo Ann,
Do you have some fun ahead of you!!

Rush has a section here at his website for Links to find vendors where you can find the movies you don't have.

Plus we have a Chat Room here every Monday Night for a different Chan movie. (Next Monday is The Chinese Cat.)

It's 8:00 to 10:00 PM, Eastern Time, and don't worry if you don't have whichever movie we're watching--We cover a wide range of topics!

I must admit that I also have another blog,, that doesn't have NEARLY as much information as this site does!

Have you also tried the message board at If you haven't, you should and soon!

I hope to see you here and/or in the chat room soon!