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Re: The 42 DVD collection

Dear John,

My assumption regarding the DVD set that you ordered is that the overall quality will more or less match that of most any of the sellers of Charlie Chan films. Do not expect perfection, and you will be happy, I feel. Also, at a little over $2.00 per movie, you probably are correctly thinking that you are getting a reasonable deal.

Please enjoy, and let us know how you feel about the set after you have had the opportunity to view a number of selections.

Rush Glick

Re: Re: The 42 DVD collection

Dear Rush

I will certainly let you know... I have most of Charlie either on the 13 VHS selections commercially marketed with just recordings when they were on FMC of the others. Behind that Curtain and the Roland Winter films I do not have...

Re: Re: Re: The 42 DVD collection

Just to let all know that I purchased this collection from The Vintage Theater a couple months ago, and have been quite satisfied with the quality of the videos. My package arrived within a week to 10 days of my order, and was exactly as described on their site. A great value for the complete collection of Chan videos! Until the studios make this hard to find collection available, I recommend Vintage Theater's Platinum edition to all fans of our favorite detective of Punchbowl Hill.

Thank you so much!