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CC at Treasure Island

I just finished watching "CC at Treasure Island" for the first time, and I must say that I can certainly appreciate why it is often billed as the best Toler chan flick. In fact, it rivals my other favorites in the Oland Series - "Egypt" and "Secret". It was well directed, well acted and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat up through the surprise ending. It is indeed a pleasure catching up with these old gems.

Re: CC at Treasure Island

It is indeed a rare pleasure to get to view This Chan gem for the 1'st time .. quite possibly the best CC film ever made.


Re: Re: CC at Treasure Island

That's one thing that we all agree on . . . . No matter which actor that we prefer as Charlie Chan, we enjoy all the movies!


Re: Re: Re: CC at Treasure Island

I never fail to delight in this film, no matter how many time I view it! As is often the case with anything that approaches any sort of "perfection," the reasons for it's popularity among Chan fans is somewhat illusive. Almost always chosen in polls as the greatest Charlie Chan movie of all time, it seems that there are as many opinions as to why as there are those to offer opinions! Perhaps, therein, lies some of the charm...

Rush Glick