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Marc Lawrence

Just watched CC at the Wax Museum -which I enjoyed much - and noticed Marc Lawrence as the escaped convict "McBirney". I've seen his face many times before - mostly in a guest role as a gangster on countless TV shows during the 60's & 70's. I also recollect him as a gangster in the Bond film "Diamonds are Forever". I recall that he passed away just three months ago at the ripe old age of 95. I believe he was also featured in at least two other Chan films. Makes one wonder how many actors/actresses who were featured in the Chan films of the '30s and '40's are still alive. Would be interesting to get their take on working with the likes of Oland, Toler, and Winters.

Re: Marc Lawrence

Dear Roy,

Marc Lawrence had a very long Hollywood career. Besides the Chan film you mention, Mr. Lawrence appeared in "Charlie Chan on Broadway" and "Charlie Chan in Honolulu." There are some Chan actors who are still with us today, including Kay Linaker, who appeared in five Chan movies, and who was, at last notice, teaching at a college in Vermont, I believe.

Rush Glick