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Re: Lollipop was played by...

Interesting Rush! Congrats on your purchase - did you get a good deal? There certainly are lots of Chan items to choose from on E-Bay, isn't there? I recently purchased the photoplay of Charlie Chan Carries On with the dust jacket from an EBay member, reading the book from front to cover on a flight to Vegas and Boston and back. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Fox studios found this "lost" gem, kept it a secret, and release it with the other Fox films that are scheduled for later this year? All the more so since I understand the film was close to E.D. Biggers' book, as well as being Mr. Oland's first appearance as Charlie.

Re: Re: Lollipop was played by...

Dear Roy,

I feel that I did get a pretty good deal on the still, which shows Keye Luke and Helen Wood. On occasion, one can, as you mention, win a nice item at a reasonable price. But, I have found that the beauty of eBay is that one can come across things that could have only been dreamed of a decade ago!

Your story about reading "Charlie Chan Carries On" during a recent trip brings to mind a very special time and place where I had the opportunity to tranqquilly take in the sweet pages of "The Black Camel." Yes, it would be the most extraordinary of miracles should Fox suddenly surprize us all with the discovery and release of the first film from the Chan series proper! We may all dream, at least...

Rush Glick